Pastor’s Thoughts and Welcome

Pastor’s Thoughts and Welcome

LAMBERT-TONY-15Hello, my name is Tony Lambert, and I am the Pastor of Real Joy Community Fellowship at 56 Maple Lane in Chillicothe – (on the corner of US Rt. 23 South and Maple Lane). The Fellowship was planted in our Present Location in November of 2008 with about 30 people. We are affiliated with the Metro Columbus Association of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our mission is to be ”the church for the unchurched” in South Central Ohio. We reach out to individuals and families in both Ross and Pike Counties as our location is convenient for both Counties. The name of the Church is based on our belief. First of all, Jesus Christ is Real. Second, only with Jesus in our lives can we know and experience true Joy. Third, with Jesus in our lives we have Community with God. Fourth, Jesus Christ provides a common bond in the hearts of Believers which allows us to Fellowship with each other.

My hope is that when you visit us, you will be able to say what others have said… that they felt the presence of God in our service. We strive to be a non-judgmental church. We strive to be a transparent church. We strive to be a church that lives out our faith. One of my personal beliefs is that the main problem with Christians today is that they say one thing and do another… then judge others for doing the same things they do. I believe we all need Paul’s belief that we are “chief of the sinners”. We need to look at ourselves… taking our eyes off others and focusing on Jesus Christ alone. This is why I often use myself as an example when I preach.

Please consider this a personal invitation from me, the Pastor, to come Worship with us. I hope to see you soon.

Pastor Tony Lambert