You Are Vital to the Body of Christ!

You Are Vital to the Body of Christ!

Scripture Reading: Romans 12
Key Verse: Romans 12:4

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit” (Romans 12:4, NASB)

If you are a genuine Christian, the Holy Spirit will lead you to glorify Jesus Christ through the use of your spiritual gifts, as opposed to false gods and idols that lead one to glorify self. Paul was writing to an audience that had come from these false religions and now wanted to know what a genuine manifestation of the Holy Spirit looked like in a believer’s life.

Paul explained there are a variety of spiritual gifts within the church, but that all are born of the same Spirit. Dr. Thomas Constable writes, “Diversity, not uniformity is necessary for a healthy church, and God has seen to it that diversity exists.” Could you imagine if everyone in a local church had the same Spiritual gifts? Just imagine how chaotic our Bible study classes would be if everyone in the room had the gift of teaching. None of us would ever learn anything! Fortunately, the Holy Spirit has seen fit to gift us all uniquely (see 1 Cor. 12:28-31).

Why has the Spirit gifted us in this manner? Paul compares it to a human body. The parts of our body all perform different functions yet work together in perfect unison to accomplish the works of the human body (1 Cor. 12:14-17). In the same way, our local church body has individuals with a wide assortment of Spiritual gifts that allow us to work together perfectly to accomplish the mission of the church. What’s our mission? At Real Joy we have all rallied behind one mission – being a church for the un-churched! I believe the Holy Spirit has perfectly equipped us to accomplish this mission! However, we all must play our part and allow the Spirit to work through us according to the Spiritual gift(s) He has given us.

Paul uses a wonderful example in verse 15. Could you imagine if you got out of bed one morning and your foot refused to work because it wasn’t a hand? You wouldn’t make it very far with a foot that wasn’t cooperating, would you? It is the same in the church. The enemy will tell us it’s okay to miss a few Sundays. Heck, Pastor Tony and the church leadership have it all under control, right? We’re not needed to keep things running smoothly! Hogwash! We have been created and gifted as individuals because it’s the best way for us to accomplish our mission! You have no idea what God has in store for you on a given Sunday and it might just be something He has designed you for specifically!

The Church needs its entire body to run smoothly. Real Joy needs its entire body to accomplish its mission. Never begin to think that you are not needed or missed when you’re not at church. It’s more than just being missed. Your absence creates a void in our body that can only be filled by you! You are crucial and special to the mission of the church.