We Believe

We Believe

WEBELIEVEThe We Believe CD is the culmination of 9 months of prayer, practice, recording and engineering. Our plan was to capture the spirit and heart of our live Sunday morning worship sessions and to use our music to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We hope you enjoy the CD! Discs are available at Real Joy Community Fellowship for a $5.00 donation.

Our Team consists of:

Mark DePugh, Worship Leader, Vocals
Charlie Henderson, Bass Guitar
Clark Goble, Drums
Jimmie “Jam” Leach, Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Eric Daily, Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Sonja Hurley, Vocals
Allison Pack, Vocals
Taryn Goble, Vocals
Katie Watson, Vocals
Tracey Cruz, Vocals
Rayetta Caugherty, Vocals
Janet Ackley, Vocals
Karla DePugh, Audio Technician
Tony Creed, Audio Technician
Tony Thatcher, Video Technician
Valaree Lambert, Video Technician

We would like to thank the following visionary sponsors for helping to make this project a reality:

Jacob DePugh
Mark and Karla DePugh
Tracey and Cheryl Watson
Ralph and Pat Letsche
Bob and Debbie Banks
Steve and Lisa DePugh
Dave and Marsha Hammond
Linda Wellinghoff
Ron and Linda Borden
Dean and Darlene Carroll
Rayetta Caugherty
Chrissy Downs
Janet Elliott
Jeff and Debbie Geno
Jessie and Rebecca Hayes
Dan Murphy
Tony and Trisha Lambert
Brenda Snodgrass
Gary and Joyce Warner
Evan and Rebekah Whitten
Andy and Marilyn Zimmerman